Sensory box. Tool in occupational therapy

Do you know what a sensory box is? Not? I explain to you.

It is a box or container where various objects and materials of different textures, sizes, colors, sounds, aromas and even flavors are placed.

It is an educational tool of the Montessori method that promotes learning through the senses; with the intention of stimulating concentration, fine motor skills and imagination.

The wonderful thing about this technique is that it is not only for use in the classroom, but you can also make one at home according to the age and tastes of your little one.

For me it is ESSENTIAL to build individual sensory boxes.

Here I present one of the many little things I use …

All absolutely all the things that are there have a therapeutic reason.

Do you want to learn how to assemble a sensory box?

The truth is that it is a fairly simple task, the first thing is to choose the container that will contain all the elements; then, choose the material that will serve as a base, this can be rice, legumes, beach sand, foam, seeds, water or any other that you consider to serve as filler.

Next, you will begin to choose the objects to interact, in this aspect the possibilities are vast, from kitchen utensils to natural pieces such as leaves, stems, in short … In fact, you can make them by themes: “the desert”, “marine environment “, “building”. The starting point to inspire you will be the tastes and personality of your child.

After assembling, and when you start using it, you must interact with your little one to invite him to “discover it”, then you will leave him so that he can interact with the objects by himself, of course, always under your supervision.

A child can enjoy the benefits of a sensory box since he is able to sit alone. It should be borne in mind that the objects to offer are suitable for their age and do not represent any danger to their health.

Cheer up, it will certainly be an enriching experience for both of you.

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